Phillia Kim Downs — Bio

When you meet Phillia, you will be immediately impressed and charmed by her endearing bright personality, her calming positive energy and the warm depths of her genuine authenticity. You will also be curious of her progressive life journey of 'Love, Sex, Magik' that has lead her to today - living a free-spirited life full of joy, purpose and well-being. Her mission is to help others find their way back to expressing their fullest authentic selves and living a life that resonates and honors their truth with ease. 

Phillia graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park Honors Program with a B.S. in Cell Molecular Biology and Genetics in 2000. She was a therapist for autistic children, did cancer research and had plans to go to medical school, until her inner artist and entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed in 2004. Without any knowledge of fashion and business, she launched her own self-taught clothing and accessories line called pH by Phillia – – which was covered by Teen Vogue, Nylon, The NY Times, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, MTV, VH1, among others. She consulted numerous others how to follow their own fashion dreams, as well as teaching workshops at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Forced to close the doors on her fashion dream, in 2009 Phillia entered NYC’s competitive real estate industry with determination to sell unique luxury properties and developments, soon afterward selling multimillions of dollars of properties and garnering press in The Real Deal, The NY Times, Broker's Weekly and CurbedNY. Since then her work as a consultant has expanded internationally, where she has been working in OTC trophy real estate, hotels, commodities, cryptocurrency and cannabis/cbd.

In 2012, Phillia was integral as a co-visionary for the conception and birth of the Awakening Healing Center — a 7000 SF eco-green urban sanctuary for healing and well-being - - where she helped get it off the ground and is where she calls home for her shamanic work in NYC.

At the same time in 2012, Phillia was so moved and inspired to answer the call of Occupy Wall Street, she bank rolled all of her previous earnings in real estate, and began pursuing a massive dream of her own called Live Love Collective,, a global network connecting the most influential members of the world directly to the visionaries, innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs with game changing projects and companies to help heal our planet and help move humanity forward. 

Behind the scenes over twenty years, Phillia has been on greatest journey of her life - the journey of going within that began with following her heart's passions and dreams and the desire to understand the deepest mysteries of her own soul and so the radical personal transformational work began. Her journey has opened her heart and mind to discover a natural invisible energetic world that is mystical, magical and interconnected through observations as the scientist within. 

Phillia's life was forever changed when she discovered shamanism and soul retrievals, which took her on the deepest transformation to uncover and heal the many layers of her unresolved trauma, carried over from her ancestors, her past lives, this life and from the imprints of her upbringing and conditioning. Through the path of shamanic healing, she  transformed pain into power, darkness into light, set herself free to live authentically and create into reality her dearest dreams.

She began as an apprentice to a shaman in Brooklyn in 2007 and then in 2010 was officially initiated through ceremony with the shamanic high priests into the Q'ero Tribe lineage of the Andean medicine people in Peru as a "Paco" - a medicine woman and have been serving her communities ever since. 

Phillia also has had much experience with the medicinal healing power from the plant medicine realm, working with powerful plant spirits of cannabis, san pedro, ayahuasca, iboga, alkalizing super foods, healing herbs and more and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those who want to improve their lives, health and well-being. She has first hand healed herself through major physical bodily infections, mental health issues like depression/anxiety/manic bi-polarism, a leaky gut and more through a plant based,  alkalizing lifestyle utilizing the power of food as medicine.

Phillia is also an advanced Reiki Practitioner and is currently finishing up her studies for a masters level certification as a Love, Sex, Relationship Integration Coach from The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and developing her own radical transformational program called Love, Sex, Magik.

Through her own scientific observations and theories based on her life experiences, being the guinea pig of her own life's theories and experiments and through being exposed to the metaphysical sciences and witnessing the many life journeys of those close to her, she realized the importance of spiritual health and how key it is to balancing physical, mental and emotional well-being. Realizing how powerful and authentic this form of 'medicine' Shamanic Healing is, she in on the forefront of society sharing her knowledge and wisdom, in order to help the people she loves and those who cross her path.