What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing on the planet, dating back almost 40,000 years and practiced throughout multiple continents. Shamans have discovered all around the world is that when humans go through physical or emotional traumatic experiences, a part of their soul will literally leave their body. This is called Soul Loss. It's the way our bodies are designed to cope with pain and stress. In psychology a similar term is called 'disassociation' from the painful memories. 

When you have Soul Loss, you have lost your personal power and your light during the trauma. You are essentially missing a part of your spirit -- hence it is not whole or complete - and this affects your emotional, mental and physical well-being. The soul is our source of absolute uniqueness, a place within that connects you not only to your own value and essence, but to the value and essence of every other living being.

Classic symptoms of soul loss: 

  • Depression or a deep unhappiness 
  • Anxiety or constant worry
  • Grief and other heavy emotions that doesn't pass
  • You feel stuck in life or stuck in a toxic situation or relationship
  • You don't feel like yourself or feel numb
  • You feel powerless in any given situation in your life, work, health, relationships, etc.
  • You have an inability to feel joy, purpose, meaning, or vitality in life
  • You have fears blocking you from moving forward in life
  • You forgot how to dream big and large
  • You feel like you do not belong anywhere
  • You suffer from a variety of vague, hard to treat physical symptoms, such as fatigue, chronic pain, weight gain or loss, insomnia, skin disorders, or gastrointestinal symptoms.

The healing I do is something called a Shamanic Healing or Soul Retrieval. Using a rattle, I go into a deep trance and journey into the Spirit World with my guides to find your missing soul parts. You have fragmented soul parts residing in a different energetic dimension for 'safekeeping.' The helping spirits show me scenes like a movie scene of what happened to you in this life or past lives and anything else Spirit wants to give you as a healing. I grab your soul parts and come back out of the journey and transfer everything into you by blowing the healing into your chakras, or energy centers. Shamanic Healing is quite supernatural, working with specific Spirits from Peru called Apus, where I have been initiated and trained by the Shamans there, in order to perform this kind of special healing.

I've scientifically observed that it takes about one month for the soul parts and healing to fully reintegrate with the rest of your spirit. You will begin to feel more calm and comfortable in your own skin and find you have more inner strength, courage, clarity, compassion and personal power to move through internal and external changes in your life to align you to your authentic true self, purpose and joy in life. 

The Winds of Change will begin to sweep through your life after the healing, taking out things not serving your highest purpose and aligning you with whatever is for your highest good, authentic truth and happiness. This healing is aligned with the highest of consciousness, human morality and integrity, so it will swiftly bring you life experiences to help you awaken into a more aware, conscious, loving, compassionate, accepting, stronger, inspired human being — which will bring you closer and faster to living a life of joy and well-being.

We carry a lot of baggage in our lives: our traumas, stresses, pains, guilts, fears, lies, shames and more. We walk on auto pilot mode surviving in this world and not thriving or living life fully. We waste a lot of energy ignoring the heaviness and darkness that is weighing us down. We self medicate and distract ourselves to cope with excessive alcohol, drugs, sex, television, busyness and more. We are so attached to our old stories, that we have forgotten that we have the power to wake up from our nightmares, and begin dreaming and writing our own stories that make us feel alive and with purpose in life.

Shamanic healing is a powerful tool to help liberate you from being a prisoner of your past pain, conditioning, expectations, traditions and anything else that is blocking you from connecting and understanding your deep authentic inner truth and self. And the beauty of this healing is that all that pain and darkness you carry, is the key to transforming it all into your personal power and brightest light.


"I was referred to Phillia from a friend who I saw profound positive changes happening to her in many ways. I went to a session and had no expectations and I was blown away!!!

The whole session lasted 90 minutes. I got to lay there and just relax while she did every thing, from burning sage, to aromatherapy sprays, to chanting and singing (She has the most beautiful voice it gave me chills the entire time!), to using a rattle in which she began seeing visions of what happened to me when i was a child and also a few past lives where I suffered trauma. Each time she blew these soul parts back into my chakras. She even brought me back a 'power animal', the butterfly, who she said is to be a spirit guide of mine.

It's been three months since my healing and OMG my life is changing so much. I feel less anxious and less depressed. I feel like I have more energy and more hope for my life. I still am in the process of figuring out what it is that I really want to do with my life, but it's made me feel more confident and strong about myself. I feel like my future is brighter than ever, and I feel more peace inside too. I did have to go through some major changes like breaking up with my boyfriend and losing a job that I hated, but I can see now that these are the things that I actually wanted to happen, but I was too afraid to make it happen, if this makes sense. I feel more like myself than I ever have before. I guess this is because my soul parts are back, like she explained.

There is something magical about what she does and who she is. It's like there is a light all around her that feels really loving and grounded. 

I highly, highly recommend giving this healing a try. I will certainly be back soon for another go to work on deeper issues that are coming up for me. It's truly quite amazing and now I'm so into this shamanic stuff, it all just makes sense.

- June C.




I had an absolutely blissful experience at my Shamanic healing with Phillia. She is a gem and her healings are a gift and such a moving experience! I've had 2 healings with her so far and am already looking forward to the next time I can see her again. She is extremely insightful and guides you on a journey through past lives, in sighting wisdom and powerful messages from your past. There is so much magic and healing that happens through the course of your time with her, it's easy to forget you are in Brooklyn, NY or even on this planet. There's much more to her healings but I don't want to ruin the experience for you;  you must go in and see for yourself. Everyone's experience is unique although I promise, you won't be disappointed. she is gentle and kind and enlightening! The experience profoundly changed my outlook on life and my life. It was a beautiful experience both times. blessed service in a blessed environment. True bliss! 

- Molly S.




I had an amazing Shamanic healing with Phillia. I had never had a shamanic healing before but a friend recommended Phillia's services for energy clearing and clarity. I was completely comfortable throughout the healing, and felt subtle shifts and awakenings (very appropriate!). The most interesting part was that I was flying to CA later that day, and while traveling over an 8 hour period I had three full meals and was still hungry! There was definitely some major energies lifted and I will go back to see Phillia the next time I'm in NYC.

- Kara D.




I had a heart wrenching trauma which ended in multiple suicide attempts as well as painful addiction for close to a decade. My soul was loss, I was numb, I could no longer connect with The Creator let alone my inner my soul parts. I got rid of my substance addiction through 12 step program, worked diligent on the 12 step program which allowed me to make “conscious contact with the Creator” again, however, there were parts of me that were lost through multiple traumas. Fortunately, found a Trauma Therapist who allowed me to process the inner most pain which I did not process for I did not have a safe “place” or “person” to  go through pain with compassion.  After 2 years of Trauma Therapy, and working 12 Step program daily- I was stuck. A friend of mine mentioned about going to see an Urban Shaman Healer to retrieve my “loss soul,” as well as to “cut cords” from my abusers. 

My experience, when I first met Phillia- she was love and light. No ego, pure love and compassion. Phillia allowed me to record our session, she listened to my traumas and whom I wish to cut the cords with. I was given a blanket to cover my body to keep me warm, while Phillia went through the songs and rattle dance to enter the Spirit World. In her chants, Phillia spoke rapid speech as if the Spirit World were speaking through her (I was aware of this talk based on my past experiences with Native American and Aboriginal Healers), there was no emotion as in judgment as to what happened only re-telling of parts of my souls which were lost in time and space. For 90 minutes Phillia was able to identify who and what happened, where I was lost, and to cancel out the cords of the past. When our session ended, Philia called in wind spirit (best way I could describe), she then blew the wind energies into my Third Eye, followed by my right ovary. Here are the mystical facts of my experiences:

1. I was under a heavy blanket and fully clothed, yet I could feel the warm stream of wind energies being blown straight into my ovary. 

2. I discussed with my therapist before seeing Phillia how when I am calm, in mediation mode can feel my right ovary in pain. My therapist attributed it to my body holding trauma, so it was a jaw drop of “How did Phillia know it was specifically my right ovary that was in pain without me telling her?” 

Post the 90 minutes spent with Phillia, I was tired. Exhausted. Phillia mentioned to me “you will be lethargic but it is normal, it is as if we are re-booting a new IOS version of Minhthi.” My body for a week was tired, I slept and ate and slept more. My body and mind felt as if I was in shut down mode being re-booted to an upgrade. After a week of deep sleep, I felt brighter clear and stronger. 

I wish I could tell you, it was only one session with Phillia and I was cured. This however is mystical work, not Western Medicine surgery or pain killers. My wounds were deep, from August through October I would mediated on my right ovary feeling a while leakage. During mediation would try to envision golden light to heal the white leakage from dripping. Phillia worked with me through trauma and sexual healing by going into my deep subconscious to assist me in claiming back my power. 

At the time, I was in a relationship with Sex Addict whom I allowed to put a lot fear and anxiety in me. Who took my body to do whatever he wanted with it, if I were to say “no,” he would have what is known as sexual rage disorder aka become violent with me, berate me, and then have his mental break down expecting me to take care of him because he was having a panic attack after he verbally, emotionally and mentally abused me. In October of 2017 my right ovary explode in pain, to which, Phillia sent me texts telling me “you organ is crying- I can feel it.” Phillia encouraged me to continue to meditate, to work on myself. I went to see two Gyno surgeons, the first surgeon told me “we need to remove both your ovaries and cervix.” The second Surgeon told me “the human body is not meant to be cut up, while there is a mass on your right ovary it is non cancerous. The mass could be adhesion from trauma, it is real because you are experiencing pain whenever I go near your right ovary.” This Surgeon advised “take the next 5 months off to heal yourself, to let your body rest and do what you can holistic. If I were to cut you open, I might cause more damage to that area which has been traumatized 5 times already.” 

Since Phillia is a plant based Shaman aka Medicine Woman, she not only met my pain with compassion and love while I cried and cried. Phillia suggested CBD oils with non THC to heal my ovary. I was against the idea of using CBD oil (even though there is no THC) because I am in addiction recovery. Then in December 2018, my ex Sex Addict boyfriend became physically abusive because I shelled sex for 9 days in order to heal my ovary. The fear and anxiety of having that abusive relationship was the straw which broke the camels back, in my situation, led to painful- crippling muscle spasms in which all I could was cry, take baths and mediate. Phillia then asked me to be open to CBD oils, which I gave in. Phillia gave me specific instructions on how to take CBD oil orally as well as mix the CBD oil with essential oils to rub on my back to quite the muscle spasms. I did as Phillia advised, as well as continued the mediation work Phillia prescribed for me. 

It is now end of April, while my right shoulder and neck muscles are still tight- the muscle spasms went away. My ovarian pain is gone. Gone as in October I could not walk couple of feet without hunching over in pain, let a lone go to the gym. Today I am able to go to the gym do 20-30 minutes of cardio, weights, and then an hour of yoga stretches. I am free of the ovarian pain, the psychic leakage is healed. 

The work with Phillia is not only less expensive than Western Medicine it is also less invasive. I get to keep my cervix and ovaries. What a gift to not have to go on synthetic hormones. However, the greatest gift on working with Phillia I was able to leave an abusive relationship because my soul lost parts returned to me- the power which Phillia promised return allowing me to stand up to all my abusers past and present, and leave them. I am now able to love myself, honor myself, nurture myself, to know my birthright to peace, to freedom, to have a value and place in this world is a priceless gift.  With all my heart, I thank you Phillia Downs for doing what you do with love, with compassion, with unconditional support. I am fortunate to have an Urban Shaman Healer as Phillia to re-claim my soul back to my present body as a safe place.

If you are reading this, can identify with my story- then please give Phillia- Plant Shaman Medicine Healer a chance to re-claim all parts of you that are lost. You will feel brighter, clearer, more powerful because your soul returned home.

- Victoria M. Brooklyn, NY


I HIGHLY recommend a Shamanic Healing with Phillia. I was extremely skeptical before I tried it, thinking that it would be just a "dog and pony show" and a bunch of  clichés about  "Love & Light", but it isn't at all. The session is such a wonderful experience for all of the senses and Phillia is truly a powerful conduit and so intelligent and caring. With each healing I have received I have become more courageous and more powerful.  I love that I can enjoy this gift from the ancients, right here in our little neighborhood. I have also given these healings to my friends as gifts and they were all really happy with it.

- Ira D




When I am older and I reflect back on my life, my healings with Phillia will definitely be a pin-drop on my timeline. I've had two healings with her and they have both been magical and insightful. The Shamanic healings are both powerful and beautiful experiences that have helped me clarify my path to happiness. With Phillia's gentle approach and her soft voice, she has made the experience through my past lives with the soul retrieval process, a comfortable journey. There's not a day that goes by then I don't think about my healings...

- Manu S.




Phillia is an incredible Shamanic Healer. Every heard of it? Nope me either. One day I tried it and I highly recommend it!  Are you feeling a little lost, depressed or confused about what to do in life, have some emotional baggage from your ex, feeling stuck in a rut? Now, I am not saying that this is the secret to heal all your woes. But I cannot deny the scientific outcome or feeling I experienced during and after the healing. Brought tears of joy to my eyes BOTH times! 

Phillia's powerful voice is like magic and it gives me chills. Her positive energy and smile are one in a million. She really makes the experience and in the months after both of my shamanic healings I fell out of my rut and became more successful and I am feeling more spiritually powerful than ever. You have to try it! 

Oh and my sprit animal is the Eagle, thats some powerful shit! And apparently, I have the power to shift to the Monkey when I need creative solutions and have to be quick on my feet. 

- Brett L.




I recently got a Shamanic Healing from Phillia and it was a mind blowing experience. She was a lot younger than I expected, but her energy is so clear and you can tell she is genuine and sincere. And even though I just met her, I felt like I could instantly trust her, and I found myself sharing things with her I have never told anyone. And I am quite a shy person, so it's hard for me to open up to people. I have never done anything like this before, but it has changed my life profoundly. I can't even explain how it works, but it seems to be quite magical and it WORKS. I came to her because I felt stuck in my life in many areas - my work, my relationship and my health in general. After the healing, it was like everything in my life started to open up pretty quickly. I found that I could make healthier changes in my life and was able to communicate to my friends things that I was afraid to. I had the courage to leave a job I hated, and was able to find one in a much nicer environment. I feel in general, I am opening up more to people, life and love. All in all, I can say she changed my life for the better. I can't wait to see her again.

- Chloe S.




My session with Phillia was just WOW. Mind blowing and astounding. I have never experienced anything like it. It was so powerful and life changing, phillia is one of the most powerful healers I have ever met and I am in love with her work. Phenomenal woman.

- Keeley O. London, UK




Phillia has been in my life for around 7 or 8 years and every interaction I’ve ever had with her has been in complete sincerity and generosity. She is a true healer, and when you meet her she has an energy that instantly calms you. Phillia goes above and beyond in her work and exudes love and nurturing in all her healing sessions. 

Sessions with Phillia have provided me with information about my past lives that I can learn from every day, and likely will for the rest of my life. The depth of understanding you can receive about yourself and the way your soul has chosen to navigate your lives during past life regression sessions with Phillia is awe inspiring, powerful and absolutely invaluable. As a client of many years and many sessions I can assure you, if you don’t understand the information she provides right away, you WILL. Her shamanic healings are truly deeply healing, and I will be forever grateful and thankful for the knowledge she has provided me with. 

- Summer R.




Phillia was truly someone that I never expected to meet in this busy world. I believe the universe brings people together for a reason especially at those moments when you least expect it. Her name in Ancient Greek means love, and this is precisely the energy I felt when the universe brought us together and the type of healing and guidance I was looking for. 

She is at the forefront of change in the holistic community and her gifts of Shamanic and Earth based magic is invaluable to the growth of her clients. It changed my life forever and put me on the right path instead of resisting my instincts. Her regression therapy and soul retrieval methods are unlike any other experiences I’ve had. The shamanic cleansing she does reaches beyond space and time to fully integrate the necessary healing we all need. 

She has a deep understanding of Love, Universal Consciousness and Sexual Creativity which changed my life forever. Phillia, unlike any other, gives her whole being to draw out what we don’t see in ourselves. What she channels is invaluable and forever sustainable in this busy world we all live in. 

- Shane M.