More Holistic Services


Curious about diving deeper and meeting with your highest self with sacred, shamanic, mystical and powerful plant medicine to help you in your healing journey, for deep personal transformation and connect to source wisdom and guidance into becoming your brightest, most authentic, liberated self? I have experienced first hand and have consulted others to take a leap of courage to have communion with Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro and more. Please reach out and let me connect you to authentic, safe, beautiful experiences to assist you on your journey within and out. Also available to educate, consult and connect you to amazing resources to empower an alkalizing lifestyle where the right foods are your medicine, healing herbs, superfoods and more.


Curious about using cannabis and CBD products as real medicine to empower your health and well-being? Let me help educate and guide you to a curation of vetted, reliable, effective sources of this often misunderstood, yet truly miraculous plant medicine that is medical/pharmaceutical grade, grown organically with love, is non-gmo, manufactured in a cGMP facility and lab tested for purity. There is a plethora of scientific and medical research that shows evidence of a multitude of health and wellness benefits from the Cannabis plant and one of its main healing components called CBD that can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.


Have a very special dream in your heart you desire to come true? Together we create a very special mandala or offering of love and gratitude to Pachamama Mother Earth and the healing helping spirits that are surrounding us at all times receive this gift of love. As an exchange, a despacho creates an energetic portal to ask for well wishes for yourself, your business, your loved ones, your community, for overall humanity and for healing of our beautiful Planet Mother Earth and blessings you dream from your heart. It's the concept of shamanic Ayni, or reciprocity, the giving and receiving of love and gratitude in order to ask for powerful spirtual help to move energies forward in your life in a powerful way. We burn the despacho in a shamanic fire ceremony to send your well wishes, prayers and blessings into the Spirit World.


I'm an ordained minister through non-denominational Universal Life Church. We customize together your dream union ceremony to unite your souls on your very special wedding day incorporating shamanic elements of nature with the traditions, religions and faiths that inspire and resonate with you most. 


We customize together a very special ceremony that brings loved ones together to love, welcome, celebrate, and give blessings full of well-wishes for the healthy and happy life of a new baby's journey here on earth.