Ready To start living The life you've always dreamed of? 

Shaman Phillia is an expert explorer into the medicinal realms of spirit and nature, a multi-faceted shamanic healer and a powerful catalyst for deep personal transformation. 

Her mission is to empower you to reclaim your personal power and light that was lost along your way, to awaken the wisdom and truth that lives in your heart, to inspire you to live a courageous life that honors and expresses your authenticity and to activate your overall health and well-being.


 About Phillia 

Multi-Faceted Shamanic Healer

Phillia Kim Downs is your loving modern shaman serving her magic to the communities of LA to NYC and the rest of the world!

Shaman Phillia is dedicated to be of utmost service to Mother Earth, humanity and to her communities through the many ways that ignite her heart. She is an open loving guide to help facilitate and liberate others back to vibrant personal power, a passionate life of purpose and overall joyful well-being.

Phillia brings decades of experience as an expert explorer into alternative realms of transformative healing. She is a trained shamanic healer initiated into the Q'ero Tribe of the Andean medicine people of Peru, an advanced reiki practitioner and a trauma integration coach.

Working together with her A-Team of other trusted Healers, Wellness Practitioners and Health Consultants, her mission is to help you find your place of Peace, Balance and Well-Being, from the inside out and outside in.

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